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3D Printers

CellinkThe Inkredible+ 3D bioprinter offers a pneumatic-based extrusion system with dual print heads and built-in UV LED curing that allows for quick and easy bioprinting of living tissues.

Technical specifications:

  • Build volume: 130x80x100mm
  • XY resolution: 10um
  • Z layer resolution: 100um
  • Printhead temperature control
  • HEPA-filtered positive pressure build environment



Formlabs Form2 & Form3 3D PrinterTechnical specifications:

  • Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer
  • Build Volume: 145x145x175mm (LxWxH)
  • Multiple Resins Available:
    • Biocompatible
    • High temperature
    • High rigidity
    • Flexible
    • ABS-like
  • Layer thickness 25-100 um
  • Automated Washer & Curing Oven

Prusa Mk3 3D PrintersTechnical specifications:

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printer
  • Build Volume: 210x250x210mm (LxWxH)
  • Capable of printing various materials including PLA, ABS, PETG, & TPU.
  • Automated bed leveling




3D Scanners

Artec Space Spider 3D ScannerThe Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner is a precision instrument for CAD users and engineers. It uses a high-resolution 3D scanner based on blue light technology to enable capturing of small objects or intricate details of large industrial objects in high resolution.

Technical specifications: 

  • 3D point accuracy up to .05mm
  • Capture rate: 1 million points/second
  • Texture scanning capable
  • Field of view
    • Minimum: 90x70mm
    • Maximum: 180x140mm
  • Real-time fusion up to 7.5 frames/second
  • Automated turntable base

NextEngine 3D ScannerTechnical specifications:

  • Laser Triangulation 3D Scanner
  • 3D point accuracy up to .3 mm
  • Capture rate: 50k points/sec
  • Texture scanning 500dpi
  • Field of View:
    • Minimum: 5”x3”
    • Maximum: 13.5”x10”
  • Automated servo positioner

Analytical Equipment

Anton Paar Ultrapyc 5000 gas pycnometerThe Anton Paar Ultrapyc 5000 gas pycnometer is an anlytical tool used to measure porosity and density. 
Technical Specifications:
  • Accomodates several cell sizes:
    • Small (10 cc)
    • Medium (50 cc)
    • Large (135 cc)
  • Accuracy is within .02%
  • Several analysis gases are available, including nitrogen, argon, and helium

Extrel MAX300-LGThe MAX300-LG High Performance Laboratory Gas Analyzer offers the analytical capabilities of a high-performance industrial mass sepctrometer for the laboratory. Typical applications include catalysis research, bench scale reactors, process development, and pilot scale research.

Technical specifications:

  • Quantitative gas analyzer
  • Designed for real-time gas analysis
  • Concentration measurement range:
    • 10ppb - 100%
  • Dual detector: Faraday / Electron Multiplier

Respirator Equipment

Portacount Respirator Fit TestTechnical specifications:

  • Automated quantitative fit tester for protective respirators, both half-face and full-face
  • Step-by-step instructions and recording provided by software
  • Particle generator, port installation tool and accessory kit allows for testing of any respirator





Dymax BlueWave UV Curing SystemThe Dymax BlueWave UV Curing System is a high-intensity, light-curing spot-lamp system. The unit emits energy in the UVA and visible portion of the spectrum for light curing of adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants.

Technical specifications:

  • QX4 power source for LED spot curing heads
  • Several emitters
    • RediCure 365nm wavelength
    • PrimeCure 385nm wavelength
    • VisiCure 405nm wavelength
  • Capable of curing medical grade adhesives
  • Pneumatic dispensing system

Formech Compac Vacuum Forming Machine used to make 3D mold for a custom conformal N95-grade respiratorTechnical specifications:

  • Quartz heating elements
  • Forming area: 9" x 11"
  • Maximum draw depth: 5"
  • Integrated vacuum pump
  • Capable of forming plastic sheets up to 4mm thick

GOM Aramis 3D Motion Tracking SystemThis device offers a camera-based system capable of sub-pixel deflection resolution.

Technical specifications:

  • Versatile configurations, field of view adjustable from ~20mm to >1m 
  • Complete software package allowing real-time tracking of deflection or motion analysis
  • Data input channels allow for triggering and direct recording of signals from MTS Acumen 3AT or other equipment 
  • Compare FEA results with real-world testing using CAD overlay & alignment tools 


Haas CM-1 CNC MillThe CM-1 Compact Mill is a small-footprint, high-accuracy solution for producing and prototyping small, high-precision 2D and 3D parts.

Technical specifications:

  • Travel: 12”x10”x12” (XxYxZ)
  • Maximum Spindle RPM: 30000
  • 20-pocket Automatic Tool Changer
  • 20-Taper toolholders, max shank diameter ⅜”
  • Wireless Work & Tool Probing
  • Flood & Mist Coolant Installed
  • TRT70 5-Axis Tilting Rotary Table

IngMar Medical ASL5000 Breathing SimulatorThe ASL 5000 is capable of simulating the full range of patients – neonatal to adult.

Technical specifications:

  • Tidal Volume Delivered:2mL-2.5L
  • Spontaneous Breathing 3-150 breaths / minute
  • Peak Flow 280 L/min
  • Programmable breathing profiles
  • Library of patient models representing healthy, injured, and disease states
  • Adjustable variables including airway resistance, compliance
  • Analog & Digital connectivity to outside systems

Technical specifications:

  • 6 DoF arm
  • Maximum reach: 820mm
  • Pose repeatability: .15mm
  • Maximum total payload:14kg
  • Trocar kinematic module
  • Integrated torque sensors
  • Dedicated control cabinet  

MTS Acumen 3AT Electrodynamic Test SystemTechnical specifications:

  • Load frame with 100% Electrical Actuation 
  • Capable of axial & torsional motion
  • Various attachments for specimen holding:
    • Tensile & torsional grips
    • Bionix grips
    • Three-point bending attachment
    • Compression platen
  • Dynamic loading maximum: 3kN
  • Static loading maximum: 2kN
  • Maximum torque:+/- 30Nm
  • Stroke Length: 70mm
  • Loading frequency <100Hz

Sintering FurnaceTechnical specifications:

  • Interior Dimensions: 400x300x300mm (LxWxH)
  • Maximum Temperature: 1500 deg C
  • Sealed chamber, allowing vacuum or inert gas environment
  • Programmable setpoints for custom sintering profile




Technical specifications:

  • Maximum sample size:100x100mm
  • Maximum depth: 40mm
  • Magnification range:160-200000x
  • Backscatter electron detector
  • Multiple vacuum levels
  • <10nm resolution